Pfizer Site Visit

This semester, the MBG Industry Initiative had the opportunity to visit Pfizer at their Cambridge site. There, our group was given a robust facilities tour of labs focusing on a variety of work, such as Next Generation Sequencing, Flow Cytometry, and Functional Genomics. This immersive tour facilitated a deep understanding of the distinct research conducted in each lab and illuminated the wide array of research sectors within Pfizer. Following the tour was a career panel, which allowed our group the opportunity to ask further questions about the scientists’ research experiences, as well as receive advice about career pathways throughout the company and into the biotech sphere as a whole. To complete the visit, our members participated in an informal networking session, allowing them to ask their individual questions about life at Pfizer, working in biotech, or their unique career paths. We look forward to exploring the biotech industry in the Cambridge area through more site visits next semester.