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Exposure to the wide variety of career options available to a student interested in the biotechnology industry, including discussion panels and site visits.


Seminars and mini-courses on topics identified by biotechnology industry leaders as common knowledge gaps for undergraduates, PhD students, and postdocs transitioning from academia.


Network with professionals and executives from biotechnology companies, and various sub-sectors of the biotechnology industry from Boston’s booming biotechnology cluster.


The MIT Biotechnology Group aims to increase the pace of biotechnological innovation by building strong, symbiotic relationships between the MIT community and thought-leaders in academia, industry, and business. We endeavor to serve the MIT community by facilitating development of the knowledge, skills, networks, and experiences to prepare members for biotechnology-related careers.

Biotech Career Fair is in the works for 2022!

Join MIT’s premiere student connection to the biotech industry for our second Virtual Career Fair on
Friday, April 8, 2022, 12 – 4 PM.

featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Reshma Kewalramani, CEO and President of Vertex Pharmaceuticals


MIT Biotech Group condemns police brutality, racism, and systemic oppression. We stand in solidarity with other biotech organizations to promote knowledge about racial inequality within the biotech industry, increase the representation of Black and minority perspectives in our events, and outreach. Read more about our coalition and action items at

Executive Team

Desmond is a fourth-year undergraduate double majoring in Biology and Biological Engineering with a minor in French. His research in the Lamason lab focuses on understanding the lifecycle of the tick-borne bacterial pathogen, Rickettsia parkeri, both through development of genetic tools and characterisation of novel genes of interest. He has been involved with MBG since his freshman year in 2018, having previously served as Undergraduate President (2020-2021) and Co-Director of the Industry Initiative (2019-2020).

Desmond Edwards


Sam is a PhD Student in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT. He is advised by Dr. Connor Coley and is primarily interested in developing machine learning methods for enzyme discovery and engineering. He has been involved in the Entrepreneurship Initiative since Fall 2019.

Sam Goldman


Sherry is an undergraduate student in Computer Science and Molecular Biology at MIT. Her research in the Bartel Lab is on host and viral mRNA metabolism post viral infection. Sherry aspires for a career applying technical skills to advance biotech, and hopes to start her own biotech company someday. She has been involved in MBG since 2019, serving as the Director of the Undergrad Initiative in 2020-21.

Sherry Nyeo

Undergraduate President

Keegan is a PhD Candidate in the Health Sciences & Technology (HST) program at MIT. Her research focuses on the design and development of medical devices for epicardial drug delivery and intracardiac defect repair. She holds a master’s degree in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge and has been involved with MBG since Fall 2019 as a member of the Entrepreneurship Initiative and chair of the DEI Committee.

Keegan Mendez

Vice President of Finance

Morgan is a PhD student in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at MIT. She is a member of Samir Mitragotri’s lab at Harvard SEAS, where she develops cell-based drug delivery platforms for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. She has been involved with the industry initiative since starting at MIT in 2019.

Morgan Janes

Vice President of Professional Development









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