In a successful attempt to diversify our events to accommodate the practical science of biotech, Biolympics was born! It is a first-of-its-kind event hosted this past semester (Fall ‘22) to connect the MIT undergraduate community to a different side of the Biotech Group. It saw an attendance of over 30 students (excluding associates) and fostered fun and friendly competition amongst attendees. In a battle for the bio-themed plush toy grand prizes, ranging from spanish flu to RNA molecules, students formed teams of 4 and engaged in activities including  a pipetting relay, a PPE dress-up race, a Kahoot about labs on campus, mouth pipetting race, and an estimathon! It was extremely fun to see students nerd out about Biology and take a break from studying at a rather stressful time during the semester. We look forward to future iterations of Biolympics, with more people, more pizza, and several more miracle berry snacks!