Jeremy Jenkins (Novartis)
Seminar #1 - Phenotypic Drug Discovery
September 19, 2018

"After thinking of an idea, a good scientist does the experiment to confirm it; a great scientist does the experiments to prove it wrong"

- Seth Berman
Principal, Clearview Healthcare Partners

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Exposure to the wide variety of career options available to a student interested in the biotechnology industry, including discussion panels and site visits.


Seminars and mini-courses on topics identified by biotechnology industry leaders as common knowledge gaps for undergraduates, PhD students, and postdocs transitioning from academia.


Network with professionals and executives from biotechnology companies, and various sub-sectors of the biotechnology industry from Boston’s booming biotechnology cluster.


Biotech-focused career fairs, small company recruiting events, and access to internship and job postings solicited to MBG members.

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