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Young Alum fireside chat June 4, 5:30 ET

Young Alumni Fireside Chat w/ Malvika Verma

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Malvika Verma (PhD ’19 in Biological Engineering) will share her personal stories. Malvika came to MIT in 2014 to pursue her PhD in biological engineering, where she invented novel systems to help take their medication under the supervision of Prof. Bob Langer and Prof. Gio Traverso. During her time at MIT, Malvika was also active at various student organizations, serving on the Ashdown Housing Executive Committee and co-chairing the House and Community Affairs Committee of the GSC. After obtaining her doctoral degree, she remains a research affiliate at the Langer Lab, advising further research and translation of gastric resident systems for antiviral and antibiotic drug delivery. At the same time, she is a full-time Consultant at the San Francisco office of Boston Consulting Group, where she has worked in social impact, health care, and the energy sector. Having graduated a year ago, Malvika will have a very fresh perspective on academia-to-industry transition, postgraduate job search, affiliation with MIT after graduation, PhD-to-consulting, and so on. She is also happy to speak to undergraduate and master’s students about pursuing doctoral programs. You can preview her LinkedIn profile via:

Young Alumni Fireside chat is a special edition of the usual talk series, featuring the career trajectory and perspectives of a recently graduated MIT grad alum. Speaking in an informal lecture style, these events take place in the form of a moderated interview followed by Q&A from the audience. In light of the pandemics, some of our discussion will touch upon career exploration, job hunting, and networking during self-isolation. Other topics explored in these talks are Academia vs. Industry, career transitions and struggles, dealing with your own and others’ expectations, impostor syndrome, staying technical if you’d like to, and keeping motivated. Stay updated about our event and activity through our Google calendar. Contact: Richard Zhang,

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