MIT Biotechnology Group

Arch Neurolabs

Paid summer intern, must be enrolled at Sloan

Nose-to-brain delivery of peptides to treat neurodegenerative disease, starting with orexin-A + nanoparticles, to treat narcolepsy. yet to be translated to the clinic.

We have a fantastic set of advisors in nanotech R&D, intranasal drug delivery, and narcolepsy.

  1. Passion for the project (the science, the business, or both)
  2. Capacity to take initiative, ownership, and feedback
  3. Pride in well-prioritized execution

Depending on skills/experience/fit, this role can be science-focused (speaking with researchers, finding insights from literature) or business-focused (competitive/patent research, biz/FDA strategy, fundraising support). Can evolve into a larger role if there is mutual interest.
Please email for more info. Excited to hear from you!

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