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BioMakerspace IAP Seminar Jan 6, 4-5pm 26-033

BioMakerspace IAP Seminar: “What is Life? Can it be made?”

Join us Monday January 6, 2020 from 4pm – 5pm in 26-033 for the first of the Technologies, Applications, and Ethics of BioMaking IAP Seminars in the BioMakerspace!

Our guest speaker and discussion facilitator for this kickoff session will be Dr. Jeantine E. Lunshof.  Dr. Lunshof is an Ethicist and Philosopher at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and Faculty at the Harvard Center for Bioethics.  Jeantine received her BA in Philosophy and Tibetan Language and Culture from the University of Hamburg, her MA in Philosophy and Health Law from the University of Amsterdam, and her PhD from VU University Amsterdam.

Aptly for the launch of the new BioMakerspace, in this first session we will explore the scientific and philosophical questions of “What is Life?” and “Can it be made?”.  As technology and society continue to change, so do our perceptions and definitions of the most fundamental concepts.  While it is perhaps the most simple question, “What is Life?” contains complexities and intricacies with far reaching impacts for makers using biological technologies and those seeking to answer the question, “Can it be made?”

In the coming decades, MIT BioMakers will push frontiers in the life sciences fields.  We invite you to come and engage in stimulating discussion with the community about one of the thought provoking topics facing the future of BioMaking.

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