MIT Biotechnology Group

MBG seminar Oct 3, *5:30P*, 4-231

Note: Special time this week

MBG Presents the Drug Discovery Fall Seminar Series: “The Biotechnology Edge”

Dr. Chris Banfield (Executive Director of Clinical Pharmacology at Pfizer)

What is the Right Dose for a New Medication? 

The Role of Pharmacometrics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) in Drug Development

Dose finding during drug development is critical and difficult. This talk will highlight some of the challenges during drug development in order to find the right dose and will discuss different PK/PD approaches which can be applied at different stages during drug development to help understand and tackle some of the dose-finding challenges.

Please RSVP HERE to help us plan. Refreshments will be provided.

More information about the series HERE.

Thursday, October 3, 5:30-6:30 in room 4-231.

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