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Healthcare Innovation team program Oct 14 deadline, January program

Innovating for Mission Impact in Healthcare

MIT Catalyst Spring 2020 is an opportunity for Fellows to join multidisciplinary teams that collaborate to deeply understand real unmet needs and develop solutions in healthcare that lead to viable action plans for innovations with high potential for impact. Fellows learn about the Catalyst Methodology process while addressing high priority challenges.

This cohort will focus on access to healthcare; patient and caregiver safety; and prevention, detection, and treatment of mental health conditions.

 The program is open to ALL in the Greater Boston area–early stage professionals, postdocs, fellows, graduate students, clinical, and other professional degree candidates, advanced undergraduates, engineers, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, MBAs–anyone with interest and willingness to spend time in research, innovation, and health. No need to know anything about the focus areas.

Sessions will be held on Mondays, 9AM-noon, January 6, to June 29, 2020. The overall time commitment is about 10 hours per week

Apply by October 14!

Do not hesitate to contact Melissa Parrillo (MIT Catalyst Program Manager | | 617-715-2562) if you would like to learn more about the program, have questions, or would consider being part of the Independent Advisory Panel.

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