MIT Biotechnology Group

Bayer LifeHub Boston events, July

Hacking Weeds: 
Smart Business Models for Integrated Weed Management
July 16-18
Applications due June 21
Join LifeHub Boston for our July Co-Creation Sprint. Participants will get a chance to work with Bayer to come up with new business models to control weeds in agriculture and municipalities. Apply today and help LifeHub Hack Weeds!
LifeHub AgConnect: a monthly social event series, where we plug in, learn, share, and partner up on cutting-edge topics together.
We cover a wide range of subjects, from farm to table, and from now to the future. Sign up today, space is limited!
Nutrition And Food Choices: “What’s in the label?”
4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m., July 9th

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