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BMS lunch + learn, June 18

Translational Medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb:
Leaders talk about building their new Cambridge team with a patient-centric approach to science

Monday June 18th
LabCentral, Cambridge
Pre-registration required here

Bristol-Myers Squibb will soon be opening its new research site in Cambridge, which will include a multi-functional Translational Medicine team. This panel explores the career profiles of leaders in this group, what they love about their work, and what types of skills and backgrounds they are looking for as they seek to build a Translational Medicine organization in Cambridge. The panelists will offer insights into current or past projects that they found especially exciting, and how these projects fit into the broader mission of the group. Additionally, the panel will discuss how this team aims to leverage clinical insights, new technologies, and bioinformatics, in an interdisciplinary fashion, to further an understanding of the resistance mechanisms of tumors that are refractory to current immuno-oncology therapies. They will also highlight how the Cambridge team intends to work collaboratively with local external experts to elucidate new insights on resistance mechanisms.

Joe Szustakowski, Executive Director, Translational Bioinformatics
Michaela Bowden, Director, Translational Biology
Danielle Greenawalt, Director, Head Early Stage Translational Bioinformatics Oncology
Moderated by Samta Kundu, Sr. Director, Strategic Operations, Molecular Discovery Technologies

11:30 AM Registration Opens, Networking and Lunch
12:15 PM Panel Discussion
1:30 PM Q&A, Networking
2:15 PM Program Close

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