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MIT Medical Device Class Call for Proposals

Do you have a clinical challenge that needs a new medical device?

Clinicians and corporate sponsors are invited to submit project proposals to work with teams of MIT engineering students to create prototype solutions to address an “I wish I had” need that they experience in their practice. We are actively seeking projects with mechanical and/or electronic challenges, where the problem is defined, but the solution space is open.

From September – December, small teams of student will work with guidance from mentors and the project proposers to follow a fast-paced, efficient 14-week design process, culminating in proof-of concept-prototypes. Taught for over a decade, this course has yielded significant results in the form of archival papers, patents, and products, along with a few successful startups, and many well-trained engineers who have gone on to great careers in the medical device industry.

Please note: Since we focus on building new hardware solutions, we can’t support pure software projects or those where we reduce to practice a design that is already developed.

Visit the class website for proposal details and submission.

Two-page proposals due: June 30, 2018

Finalists notified: August 10, 2018

Presentation to students for final selection: September 10 and 12, 2018

For questions please contact Nevan Hanumara, PhD, 617-258-8541
We look forward to receiving your proposals!
Alexander Slocum, Nevan Hanumara, Gim Hom, Ellen Roche

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