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Research Experience in BioPharma

Internship Course for MIT PhD students
Are you a PhD Student interested in a career in the biotech or pharma industry? 
Why not try it out? No experience necessary or expected

We are proud to announce the return of 20.930/7.930: Research Experience in Biopharma in Fall 2017. In this innovative new course, we pair graduate students with an industry mentor to conduct research on-site at a local biotech or pharma company. Students work at the company 10 hours/week and attend weekly lectures covering the basics of science and business in the biotech/pharma industry.

We have a stellar lineup of participating companies with project opportunities at Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, and Vertex. Feedback from past students and mentors has been overwhelmingly positive. You must be a PhD student who has passed qualifying exams. International students will need to apply to use OPT.

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