MIT Biotechnology Group

Dr. Greg Verdine Seminar – Founder of FogPharma & Professor, Harvard University



When: Tuesday September 27th, 4-5 pm

Where: MIT Building 32-124

Greg Verdine is a Professor in Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School.  In his academic career, he has elucidated the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic DNA methylation and DNA repair by base-excision DNA repair proteins.   He has founded five public biotechnology companies, several emerging private drug discovery companies, and a non-profit institute and training academy in Gloucester.   He is a Venture Partner at WuXi Healthcare Ventures.   Dr. Verdine is currently the CEO of FogPharma, which is developing transformative new medicines exploiting the unique ability of cell-penetrating mini-proteins to access “undruggable” intracellular disease drivers, and and LifeMine Therapeutics, which is harvesting mechanistically novel drugs from fungi via genome mining and recombinant overexpression.

Dr. Verdine’s unique experience in academia, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and community and economic development and provides a valuable perspective on how these sectors can intersect to solve important problems for the benefit of mankind.

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