Initiatives 2017-2018


The biotech entrepreneurship initiative focuses on exposing MBG members to the vibrant Cambridge/Boston biotech startup community, and giving them opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills to aid in starting, or joining, an early-stage biotech venture. Future events include professional development seminars (e.g. university IP/licensing, early-stage partnerships, market analysis), panels with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and more.


The Bio-Investment Initiative is geared towards MBG members who are interested in understanding and exploring careers in investment within the biotechnology and healthcare space. We aim to help our members develop and hone a biotech valuation skillset by learning from local biotech investment leaders, as well as from the expertise of our diverse MBG members. Specifically, we will be hosting seminars and smaller Q&A sessions centered around finance fundamentals, investing strategies, case studies, and biotech-specific investment factors.

Industrial Pharma & Biotech

This initiative focuses on preparing MBG members for careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  MBG has engaged industry professionals to find out how to best prepare students and postdocs for careers in biotech and pharma. We are building a program which delivers the four key elements necessary to give students the edge on careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Beyond the Bench

This initiative will focus broadly on mentorship, new-member education, and professional development in alternative science careers (intellectual property, science policy, consulting, regulatory, etc.). Events and initiatives span career nights/recruiting events, policy discussion trip to Washington D.C., consulting case competitions, Synapse: the MBG entrepreneurship blog, and IP/Patent law panels.

MIT Undergraduates

MBG’s Undergraduate Initiative serves as an avenue for MIT undergraduates to gain exposure and networking opportunities within the biotechnology industry. We host events to encourage students to expand their networks and gain mentorship by connecting with industry professionals and graduate students. Additionally, we aim to connect students with members of the MIT community who are also interested in biotechnology entrepreneurship.