The MIT Biotechnology Group aims to increase the pace of biotechnological innovation by building strong, symbiotic relationships between the MIT community and thought-leaders in academia, industry, and business.

We endeavor to serve the MIT community by facilitating development of the knowledge, skills, networks, and experiences to prepare members for biotechnology-related careers.


Brett Geiger

Brett Geiger is a PhD student in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT and the Program in Polymers and Soft Matter. He conducts research focused on designing nanoparticles to efficiently penetrate and deliver drugs to cartilage for treatment of osteoarthritis.

Ashvin Bashyam

Ashvin is a PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at MIT. His graduate research brings magnetic resonance to bear in assessing fluid dysregulation disorders for clinical applications. He is a co-founder of a non-profit developing unmanned aerial vehicles for wilderness search and rescue and a Hertz Foundation Fellow.

Greg Ekchian
Director of Finance

Greg is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In his research, Greg focuses on the development of injectable materials for long-term in vivo monitoring of oxygen and pH to guide treatment of diseases including cancer and injuries to tissue vascularization. He is also passionate about transitioning new technologies from the lab to the clinic to improve patient outcome, achieve wider access to healthcare, and make treatment more efficient.

Sam Huang
Undergraduate President

Sam Huang is a junior in Chemical Engineering interested in the business and financing side of the biopharma industry. As a member of the MIT Biotech Group, he founded an investment due-diligence group and launched an angel group focused on the life-sciences. Sam will spend this summer as an analyst in JP Morgan’s Healthcare Investment Banking Group in San Francisco.


James W. Weis
Founding President

James W. Weis was a founding president of MBG and is a PhD student in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Computational & Systems Biology Initiative at MIT.

Nathan Stebbins
Founding President

Nathan Stebbins was a Founding President of MBG. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. In lab, Nathan studies the role of cell-surface carbohydrates in human physiology and disease. He has performed research in a variety of areas including infectious disease surveillance and cancer. Nathan has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and developing mechanisms to accelerate the commercialization of biomedical innovations at MIT.

Vyas Ramanan
Founding Treasurer

Vyas was the Founding Treasurer of MBG. He is a PhD candidate in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. His research spans infectious diseases/virology, single-cell analysis, genome editing, and tissue engineering. He is a cofounder of medical device startup Agile Devices, a Hertz Foundation fellow, and a chronic pun-maker.

Andrew Warren
Founding Secretary

Andrew was the Founding Secretary of MBG. He is a PhD candidate in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. In lab, Andrew engineers modular nanoparticle sensors for low-cost urinary detection of diseases like cancer and liver fibrosis. He is interested in developing low-cost tools for disease treatment/diagnosis and how these can be brought to the market.

Leadership Alumni

Raven Reddy

Raven is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. In lab, his work is focused on measuring cellular signaling events with high temporal resolution and designing computational models to predict behavior in new contexts. He is interested in integrating mechanistic insights with industrial preclinical design strategies to improve treatment efficacy.

Minsoo Khang

Minsoo is an undergraduate in the department of Chemical Engineering and Biology at MIT. Through MBG, Minsoo hopes to engage MIT students with the biotech community in Boston and promote student interest and participation in applying scientific expertise to business scenarios.

Tony Kulesa

As a PhD candidate at the MIT Dept of Biological Engineering, Tony combines imaging, next-generation sequencing, microfabrication, and computer/hardware engineering to accelerate life science research. He teaches science communication as a Writing Fellow in the BE Communication lab, where he founded the BEnch, a blog about grad student life and issues. He also led the Biophysics Student Council, an interdepartmental organization that unites 200+ students across MIT with interests in biophysics research.

Anika Gupta

Anika is a sophomore in the departments of Computer Science and Molecular Biology at MIT. Her research interests lie in capitalizing on the efficiency of computational methods to accelerate the pace of discovery within healthcare at large. She is excited to help provide undergraduates, through MBG, the exposure and networking opportunities within biotech that can ignite a spark and take their ideas to fruition.