MIT Biotechnology Group

MBG Leadership Opportunities 2016

MBG is expanding faster than we can keep up, and we need your help to continue creating more events and resources for the MIT community! We’ve outlined descriptions, roles, and responsibilities of the positions we are looking to fill immediately below. Please fill out the MBG Leadership Application here, and email with any questions.
  • Director of Communications
    • The MBG Director of Communications will be responsible for managing and building increasingly efficient and effective methods of communication with our over 800 (and rapidly growing) member base.
    • Responsibilities include: Managing the creation and distribution of the MIT Biotech Group Digest, managing and expanding our social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SeekingAlpha, &c) and web presence, and curating and updating the MBG mailing lists. The Director of Communications will also be responsible for marketing events or resources created by the MIT Biotech Group.


  • Director of Bio-Entrepreneurship & Bio-Investment
    • We are looking for directors to spearhead our newly reorganized Bio-Entrepreneurship and Bio-Investment Initiative. This is a great way to get involved with the MIT Biotech Group and a great way to meet entrepreneurs, industry professionals and executives in Boston’s biotech cluster.
    • Directors are critical for us to create resources to serve the members of the MIT biotech group. The director would be responsible for leading interested members in several key strategies, including but not limited to: Biotech Investment Fund, Company valuations, starting a start-up pitch competition, etc.


  • Director of Events
    • MBG hosts 2~3 seminar series per month, and we are looking for a director to lead this effort! The director of events would be in charge of recruiting new speakers, and handling event logistics for the seminar series. This director would also work closely with other healthcare/biotech groups on campus for co-branded events and collaborations.


  • Director of Partnership
    • Now that MBG is growing, we are increasingly approached by companies and start-ups in both the Boston and Bay area for partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships. The Director of Partnership would be in charge of creating new relationships with various companies as well as maintaining existing relationships. This director would play a key role in MBG’s professional development growth as well as providing more career opportunities for MBG members.

We look forward to hearing from you!