MIT Biotechnology Group

Assay Development Scientist at Diassess

Diassess is a startup striving to transform the way infectious diseases are diagnosed. They are developing a disposable test kit that allows any cell phone to perform rapid DNA-based disease detection, in a clinic or at-home, within 30 minutes. Diassess is currently located in Emeryville, CA. Diassess is looking for scientist who will be responsible for planning and executing the assay development for their rapid DNA diagnostic device.

You will:

-Design, development, and clinical evaluation of several different DNA assays for infectious disease testing

-Lead the management of contract manufacturers supplying reagent components

-Design experiments essential to evaluate the product through the course of development, including testing the molecular assay in clinical settings


-Masters or PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field and have demonstrated technical experience and competence.

-Previous laboratory experience is required. Candidates will ideally have 2+ years of experience with complex multi-step assays including creation and development of new assay schemes.


To apply, please email resume and cover letter to