MIT Biotechnology Group


The MIT Biotech Group (MBG) aims to connect MIT life science students to the biotech ecosystem, providing opportunities for networking and professional development in the professional life sciences community.

Kendall Square is home to both world-class academic research and a world-class life science industrial presence, but it’s still difficult to find opportunities for students and postdocs at MIT to interact with the non-academic life sciences community. Since over half of PhD graduates will pursue careers outside of academia, MIT students need to learn the skills and make the connections to succeed outside of the ivory tower (or dome).

MIT needs a student-driven biotechnology community
MIT has made many important contributions to the biotechnology industry. In fact, entrepreneurial activity from MIT faculty and trainees has resulted in many well-known biotech companies; Biogen, Alnylam, Editas to name a few. Despite this fact, there is no initiative focused on organizing the community of individuals interested in industrial biotechnology careers, biotechnology entrepreneurship, or sector-related careers such as biotech investment. MBG believes that the power of community-building is enormous and we hope that cultivating an active and vibrant community will catalyze more translational and entrepreneurial activity! We are here to serve our members as a trainee-driven resource, providing education, opportunities and a network of other like-minded individuals. Similar communities that seek to organize students with domain-specific interests have been very successful, both biotechnology- or health-focused (the Harvard Biotechnology Club, the Sloan Healthcare Club) and otherwise (the MIT Energy Club).

Three initiatives serve the different faces of our community 
Meet with and learn from members of the Cambridge/Boston startup community, including serial entrepreneurs, seed-stage VCs, academic co-founders, and employees. Develop skills useful for starting, or joining, an early-stage life science venture

Industry: This initiative focuses on preparing MBG members for careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. MBG has engaged industry professionals to find out how to best prepare students and postdocs for careers in biotech and pharma. We are building a program which delivers the key elements that give students the edge on careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Finance and Investment: The Bio-Investment Initiative is dedicated to understanding and exploring investment in the biotechnology and healthcare space. In partnership with leading buy-side investment firms, MBG aims to facilitate the development of a sophisticated valuation skill set in its membership while also identifying innovative biotechnology firms with high potential future impact.

The MBG blog is our biotech communication hub
This blog is our community’s voice. Upcoming posts will explore career roles, inside stories on spinouts, strategies as entrepreneurs, and more. We welcome anybody who’d like to contribute to contact our editor Tony Kulesa.

What’s in store? Come to our kickoff!
Since our launch announcement, we’ve had a remarkable outpouring of interest from all sides of the equation, with nearly 300 diverse members of the MIT community registered. As a group, we hope to grow the biotech opportunities available and to also act as a central student-driven hub for MIT biotech.

To get things moving, we’re holding a kickoff event on Monday, April 6 from 5:00-7:15 PM in 76-156 to organize the community and give our members a chance to meet each other, discuss what interests them, and let their voices be heard. We’ll have a light dinner, hold a small panel discussion, and speak more about the club. Please RSVP soon as space is limited! Stay tuned for more events in the future, as they relate to our three initiatives, and keep your eyes on this blog!

Get involved
As an entrepreneurial group of students, we are driven by people who want to take an active role in their own career. We are always looking for interested individuals – please get in touch if you’d like to write on the blog, plan events for the community, or be part of the leadership! Get in touch with us by emailing